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In these few months we have been at the forefront of Alhaurín Golf’s management, our maintenance efforts have focused on improving and updating the field and its playing surfaces. We are aware that there is still a lot to do, but we are reaching goals that you can begin to see on the course.

With this in mind, we have intensified the aerations in greens in order to get faster greens which are more even. Agronomically, work has been carried out to encourage a deeper rooting of the lawn which makes it more resistant and less sensitive to heat.

As soon as the temperatures have allowed it, half of the tees platforms have been replanted, which were very punished and with very low density. In the coming weeks the bars will be changed again and the rest will be replanted. We thank you for your patience for playing in a shorter course, but we need to give time to the new planting so that it takes root properly.

Actions have been taken to alleviate the extreme hardness of the fairways in some holes of the field due to the lack of aeration during the last few years. As you can see, the fairways have been “punctured”, with special emphasis on the most conflictive holes. At the same time, these areas have been moistened to avoid extreme hardness. We believe that the problem has been alleviated but we will have to insist on fairways aeration, something that we already have planned in our maintenance program. As soon as the grass on the fairways awakes from its winter lethargy, it will further improve the ability to stop the ball on the fairways.

Outside areas of play have also been cleared which affected the vision of the hole and the gameplay. This work will be continued in the future as we are aware of the great landscape potential of our field.


On the other hand, elements of the field that needed it have been renewed. The flag cups of all the greens have been replaced, the bins have been renewed and painted, more than 80 new batteries have been bought for the buggies, the fleet of buggies has been increased, etc.



Undoubtedly, everything done so far will result in visible improvements in the field during the coming months. We know that there is still a lot to do, but with your help we will reach the set goals together.